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Not what you had in mind when you Googled “AdvoCare business opportunity video,” huh?

But are you glad you watched it?  Hope so.  ‘Cause I’ve got a unique perspective on the matter.  I’m someone who had no problem making money with AdvoCare and still got out.

Pretty unusual, no?

So when you go and watch the one AdvoCare put outs — or any of the video reviews other distributors are filming — keep mine in mind.

Don’t let yourself get emotional when the background music comes on and you see the all-American family playing together at the park.  Wink.

You’ll know better: that the AdvoCare biz opp ain’t all Popsicles and puppies.

It is similar to these Kyani Product Reviews, so it is important that you are aware of these kind of businesses work.

For the 10 or 20 top earners… who’ve hustled for the past nine years and did what almost no one else could or would do?  Yes, life is probably pretty damn good.

But what about the other 300,000 who aren’t represented in the promo vids?

The people like me, who saw firsthand how fragile network marketing is; or the hard-working mother of three who makes squat with AdvoCare and now sees her kids even less than before?

You can’t blame AdvoCare (or any other business) for using their best case scenario to market with, but don’t drink the Kool-Aid is all I’m saying.

Their business opportunity is just that — an opportunity to work hard and earn extra money.

The stats say it’s not a very good one.  And even though I give MLM a hard time, every type of business is hard.  And there’s nothing out there with a perfect success rate.

I’m here to give you both sides of the story.

Multilevel marketing can work, but it’s unlikely to work for you.  At least, in terms of making a nice profit each month.

That’s not to say you won’t learn, grow, make new friends, create new experiences and become a better person in the process.  You gotta place some value on that.

But if income — and earning some — is most important to you?

I’d say no to the AdvoCare business, because… even though it’s an outstanding company with great products… it’s still MLM.

There are all types of projects, ventures and systems that easily outperform network marketing.

And my favorite?  Is this program.

I am a premium member, so hell yes I’m biased.  And hell yes, there’s something in it for me.

So you should be skeptical.  No different than sizing up AdvoCare.

All I can say is: click around this blog, read, watch, critique, apply common sense… and you’ll see why Wealthy Affiliate is the internet’s hippest and hottest new movement.

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